Behind 1st Suro Night Merry,According to the Qur'an n Sunnah

Islam is the new year. Today it is known in Javanese calendar as a Suro is for many people have the privilege of its own. Javanese society generally make it as a big day that they celebrate with a festive. On this day in many places will take place on various kinds of events "culture", as found in the city of Solo, Cirebon, Yogyakarta, Malang and other places in the country. While in the capital of his own show centered on the Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Enthusiastic community towards these events so festive, it is seen from the number in attendance that can reach up to thousands of people.

In addition to the variety show, the motivation of people who came were also different. Among the events held on this day as Carnival Heritage Events in Kasunanan Surakarta kingdom around the town before midnight a Suro, mubeng Beteng Kraton Jogja around the castle without saying a word, washing heirlooms (traditional amulets) in Kesepuhan Keraton Cirebon, ritual Carnival Tumuruning Maheso Suro in the town of Bantul, Central Java following the show to listen to forecasts Mbah a supposedly as a mediator Jokasmo Queen south who believed the local community as the ruler of the southern ocean.

And in East Java is not less exciting, located in the area pasarean (burial shrine) Gunung Kawi various events were held, there are leather puppet show, lion dance and also around the marquee event seven times counter-clockwise with each time stopping at the front door of the north side, east, south and
west with a salute to the tomb, with the intention ngalap blessing, luck and hope other intentions. Events such as these in the ground water that has been going on since there are hundreds of years ago, such as the Event of Carnival Heritage Kingdom of the supposedly existing since the Surakarta royal palace standing in 1745 AD And in TMII Similar events were held and enlivened by the puppeteers and famous paranormal.

The question is what the Islamic views of the event? It is a religious principle is that God Subhaanahu wa ta'ala is the only Essence diibadahi. Every worship to other than Allah wa ta'ala Subhaanahu is worship of vanity and perpetrators in the Fire eternally threatened if it does not repent of their deeds.

Allah wa ta'ala says (which means), "(Power of God) is such that, is for Allah, He (Rabb) of Haq and actually what they call upon besides Allah, that is false, and that Allah, He is the Most High, Most Great. " (Surat al-Hajj: 62) And Allah wa ta'ala Subhaanahu explained that the perpetrators kesyirikan Fire dwell on his verse (which means), "Verily, those who ascribe (something to) Allah, then surely Allah has forbidden Paradise to him, and his place is hell, is not there for people do wrong that no helpers ". (Surat al Maidah: 72) So whatever form of worship is forbidden Subhaanahu destined to other than Allah wa ta'ala.

Shaykh al-Islam Ahmad bin Abdul Halim Rahimahullah said explaining the sense of worship in his book Al Ubudiyah, "Worship is anything that is loved and diridha'i God from the words and deeds are born and hidden." So prayer, fasting, zakat, hajj is a religious service. Istighatsah ask for salvation), Isti'anah (for help), fear and hope is worship, and so forth from all kinds of worship only to Allah wa ta'ala Subhaanahu. This is the principle of tawhid (purify worship only Allah wa ta'ala Subhaanahu alone) as the most fundamental basis in Islam. Any person who violates the kesyirikan he fell into a small or large depending on type of offense. Like the Carnival Heritage Events in the city of Solo, in Cirebon
Amulets Laundering knew already known in Islam that the Essence
of Who Gives benefits and Refuse Kemudharatan Subhaanahu wa ta'ala only God alone, God Subhaanahu wa ta'ala says (which means), "And really if you asked them: "Who created the heavens and the earth", they would answer: "God". Say: "Have you thought about what you invoke besides Allah, if God wanted to bring kemudharatan to me, whether it can be your idols kemudharatan eliminate it,
or if the Lord will give grace to me, whether they can resist his grace. Say: 'Allah is sufficient for me ". In whom bertawakkal those who surrender "(Surah Az- Zumar: 38) Based on this verse and other
arguments, then the beliefs of heritage objects, amulets and others that these things can bring benefit or reject kemudharatan is void. A Muslim believes that there is illicit or covert force a particular blessing
on those items without a description of God Subhaanahu wa Ta'ala in the Qur'an or His
Prophet in the Sunnah according to the understanding the first generation of this ummah (the Companions, tabi 'ins and tabi'ut tabi'in). Whether one believes that these things can bring benefit and refuse kemudharatan by itself (major shirk) or objects only as an intermediary (minor shirk). Then what is the legal attend
events over the extent admire him as a culture with no particular beliefs? The answer, is unlawful. Because God Subhaanahu wa ta'ala says (which means), "Indeed there has been good role models for you in Abraham and those who shared with him, when they said to their people:" Verily we innocent of
you and of what which you worship besides Allah, we deny (disbelief) mu and has a real between us and you enmity and hatred for ever until ye believe in Allah alone. Unless the words of Abraham to his father: "Verily, I will ask forgiveness for you and I can not refuse anything from you (punishment) of God." (He said): "O our Rabb, only we trust Thee and Thee only we repent and only Thee we return." (Surat al Mumtahanah: 4) Then among the events that clearly there is a major shirk, such as begging to other than Allah wa ta'ala Subhaanahu like that often do the pilgrims in the
area pasarean (burial shrine) Gunung Kawi coincide with 1 or on day-Suro Islamic holidays. Do ask for blessings, ask for blessing, ask for safety, welfare and other purposes. So is the
show of worship and giving offerings is thick coloring events like this. Subhaanahu Allah wa
ta'ala says (which means), "And those who do not worship other gods along with Allah and do not
kill the soul which Allah forbidden (to kill) except with (reason) is
right, and do not commit
adultery, those who do Thus it
is, surely she got (retaliation) sin
(it), (namely) the punishment
would be doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection and he will
be eternally in torment, in a
state of humiliation ". (Surat al-
Furqan: 69) And an intelligent will find it clear
on the events of strong colors in
an attempt to compete with the
pure Shari'ah, the Islamic shariah.
Some of them like the show
around the fort in Kraton Jogja tawaf similar to the House, as
well as around the pavilion in
Pasarean Gunung Kawi. These
events if not kesyirikan, the
lightest is an unjust heresy in
Islam. Not to mention the event
ruwatan TMII often held at the
beginning of each year of Java
that also enlivened by "shamans
of cool" (psychic) that show of
skill in front of thousands of attendees who are influenced by
their magic. Messenger
Shalallahu'alaihi yours
respectfully said (which means),
"Whoever came to the shaman
or paranormal and believe his words then he has disbelieved
against which revealed to
Muhammad". That she had
disbelieved the Qur'an, and those
who Kufr to become Muslim
Qur'an canceled. So beware of such events as
this is loaded with heresy,
kesyirikan and worship to other
than Allah wa ta'ala Subhaanahu.
And enough for our two annual
holidays recognized in the Muslim Hari Raya 'Iedul Fithri and' Iedul
Adha. And obligatory for every
Muslim to not helping the
ugliness, such as promoting the
events above, praise, or go to
preserve it. Subhaanahu Allah wa ta'ala says (which means), "(their
words) caused them to bear his
sins to the fullest on the Day of
Resurrection, and sebahagian
the sins of those who led astray
those who did not know anything (that they were
misled). Remember, very evil sin
that they carry it. " (Surat an-
Nahl: 25) Source: www.ahlussunnah-, scribes: Al Ustadz
Jaafar Salih Title: Night Warning
Meriahnya Behind a Suro. With a
little editing without changing
the meaning.

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