Internet in Indonesia

I just find pictures on
my computer. I forgot
from which this picture
I found, if not
nothing wrong send it to the mailing list
that I follow. I
also lack knowledge
based on the data year
when this picture was made,
likely in the range years 2008-2009. Image
It contains charts
info about the Top 20
Nations in ITIF Broadband
Viewing images , which can be
conclusion is
Japan already has a
broadband connection
61mbps and costs
only $ 0.27/bulan ($ 1-click advertising
Google Adsense:-P).
WOOOOW !!!!!. Cool
indeed, given
Internet connection
Indonesia has not tight as that and
the price, hmmm,
Do not ditanyalah, still
less friendly
with pockets.
I think that The Dutch will go to
in five major
speed Internet and
Fees. Apparently, the
only ranks six. Five countries
entrance is a large five
Japan, Korea, Finland,
Sweden, and France
(61mbps, 46mbps,
22mbps, 18.2mbps, and 17.6mbps). How
with the U.S.? State
Uncle Sam is in
after Iceland and
Germany (4.8mbps). Greece
ranks 20th. I almost forgot
announces that
60% of the population
Japan (approximately 76
million people from 125 million
person, the data in 2009) have access
While in the U.S., only
about 8% -10% of
U.S. population (approximately 27
million people from 308 million persons, estimated at
2010) which
has connections
To our people
Indonesia, we only can expect penetration
broadband internet
can occur in
the near future. This
all depends
government, providers, or if you have
soul strong business,
have the capital, please
create a business model
financially, but could Indonesia does not make
lag in
Internet connection problem
from other countries.

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