Treat the stress by remembering God

Conditions very difficult
as now, almost make everyone in
Indonesia affected by the
stress. Look at hospital
people in our area. We will find
the numbers increase people who experience
mental disorders. Indeed,
stress not only caused
by adverse events. All
changes associated with one's
physical and psychic can cause stress
Stress is the accumulation of
body's reaction to the situation
or surroundings
looks dangerous or difficult.
Stress causes the body to produce the hormone adrenaline
which serves to
defend themselves. Thus,
actual stress is
body's natural reaction (the
laws). Almost the same with the spontaneous reaction
of the body
others, like the body's reaction
away from heat, for example,
or are we covered when the weather
cold on our bodies. Indeed, there
is stress
endanger the stress
weight that can impact
in depression and in the end mentally ill. The question
now, is there any benefit of
stress? I said no because
everything created by GOD
Exalted nothing in vain, no
exception of a bad thing. Stress good very useful
because it can spur people to
think and try
face tougher
challenges of life. Well, that need
concern are heavy stress which can lead to
madness. The results said that
all illness
by human estuary
caused by stress. Condition depressed soul can
make the blood circulation and
metabolism become
making perfect
we are sick. Basically, we
do not have to worry with stress because we
have a sedative called religion.
Starting from the Psychic Stress
If we find people who
sick, basically conditions mental state was disturbed.
The depressed state of mind will
influence the minds and
feelings. So in fact,
human illness
more likely because of psychological
or mental state is
susceptible to interference. When
we are stressed, our bodies
will automatically generate
hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Both these hormones will
lead to heart
beat faster than normal. Blood
will flow more
fast. This situation is certainly because the levels of exertion
sugar in the blood will be drained
fast. Muscles also become tense,
especially the muscles around
the eyes
and head. The above conditions will
affect temperament
someone. People become easy
offended, quick-tempered,
aggressive, and tend to
excessive (defensive). Because higher levels of adrenaline,
blood sugar levels even
the rise. This
create the need for higher
sugars. If not
are met, people will easily fatigue, difficulty concentrating,
frequent heart palpitations.
Also, mark the most
often accompanies stress are
headache and disturbance digestion. If we
let this situation
protracted, the system
metabolism will be
disturbed. In addition to
aggravating the health condition of people
being sick, stress can also
result in resistance
our body decreases. No wonder
if a lot of complications illnesses
one of which was caused by stress. How to Control
Stress can not be cured.
Some doctors sometimes
just give a sedative
similar chlordiazepoksida, diazepam, and nipam, if
patient began experiencing
mental disorder and can not
sleep. Types of drugs
it simply reduces the
intensity of the heartbeat, relaxes tense muscles, and
reduce nervous tension.
Well, the most appropriate way
is returned to GOD
Swt. "" Verily, it is reassuring to
remember GOD, "according to his word in the holy book of Al-
Quran. With many remembering
GOD, the heart will be calm
and we will be able to slowly
controlling stress
The people whose hearts will always hold myself quiet
from the attitude of looking for
trouble. He
will always look
life issues
positive, realistic with ability of self, open and orderly
as her life
which has become sunnatullah.
The pressure of life is not
will never stop. Quality
one's personal will appear when he faces problems. Belief in
GOD is the main factor
that makes us healthy.
Try us wondering
each of us, why
Prophet was never sick in his life? Because
Prophet never
experiencing severe stress. Why
Rasulullah never stress
weight? Because the liver
Messenger always calm. Why Prophet always
sobriety? Because
Messenger always remember GOD
throughout his life.
Surrender to God's will is the basic attitude in the face
of all
problems. Source: Ahmad
Haddad Assyarkhan (Adi Supriya)

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